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In the case of a bank levy the bank will immediately take out the money owed, but will not send it in to the IRS for 21 days. Use this time to hire a professional to get your money back into your account!

Pinnacle Tax Solutions was formed with one interest in mind,
that of our indebted client.

"Pinnacle Tax Solutions matched me with a local certified tax resolution firm fast, and they were able to stop our wage garnishment quickly and then helped us settle our tax debt to a total savings of over $65,000. Thanks for the referral. It was a lifesaver! " - C. Drew, TX

Our accountant suggested we use Pinnacle to find a qualified resolution firm because we had heard so many horror stories out there of clients not getting good service. It was a good decision. They referred us to a great company that helped save us well over $35,000 in tax debt and were very helpful answering all our questions and concerns. Thanks Pinnacle." - M. Fishman, CA

"I heard Pinnacle screened out bad companies and only referred firms that didn't overpromise and under deliver. They matched us with a solid company that took the time, was meticulous, and got us out of tax debt fast. I've already referred them twice!" - A. Martin , FL

"Thanks for the referral Pinnacle! I hired two companies before finding your free service, and thankfully never have to hire another one again. I'm out of tax debt and on my way to a better life. I own a small restaurant, and anytime your staff is in town, dinner's on me!" - B. Tess, NY

"Pinnacle Tax Solutions is like the 800-DENTIST just for tax resolution firms. If they refer you to a company, that company is good and you should hire them. Period." - D. Swick, FL

"My new favorite three words. Pinnacle. Tax. Solutions. Thanks for the great referral. I've hired the company in your partner network to do all my future tax return and planning needs. " - G. Banda, MI

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